21-Mar-15: All pups are now placed with their new families ,,,My next litter is due the first week of May.

17-Mar-15: I have one male puppy available.. He is 8 1/2 weeks old. Contact me for photos...

11-Feb-15: Live webcam up and running for Kaliber and Kargos litter born Jan 1st. userID bestbet,,, password puppy ,,, all lower case letters.. Enjoy !!

22-May-14: All pups in their new homes,,, Web cam turned off....

3-Apr-14: Live web cam up and running,,, Featuring Rosie/Chilli pups born Feb 27 2014

About Us:

BEST BET KENNELS is a small private kennel, owned and operated by Linda Morton. It is located in Sebastopol, California, on eight acres near the wine country. Two or three litters of quality Bernese Mountain Dog puppies are raised each year from outstanding pedigree stock.

All puppies are whelped indoors and raised to insure their good health and even temperament. This allows them to easily interact socially with both humans and other animals. BEST BET KENNELS specializes in raising Bernese Mountain Dogs that fall within the small to medium size breed standards. Before being considered for breeding, all adults dogs have O.F.A. hip and elbows certificates and current eye clearances. Puppies from the BEST BET KENNELS are placed to families who will ensure their loving care.